Acupuncture New Patient – $150

During your first visit we will spend approximately an hour discussing your health history and current concerns, which will be followed by a traditional Chinese Medicine Exam, and first needle treatment.

Acupuncture Follow Up Treatment – $85

Follow up appointments include a discussion of changes since last treatment and needle treatment.

Insurance Coverage 

Chesapeake Traditional Acupuncture accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna Insurance.  To check if your policy has acupuncture coverage, you can either call our office at 443-672-8226 or enter your information here and we will contact you.

Lifestyle Audit – $160

There are many different factors that determine the health of an individual.  One factor that is often overlooked is their environment.  Even the healthiest people can have trouble thriving in a home that is filled with chemicals and toxins.  In this two hour session, learn how to eliminate chemicals from your home and create an optimal environment for you and your family to thrive!